Man Dying From Alcohol Poisoning Saved By Injecting Beer Into His Stomach

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One of the perks of becoming an adult is all the alcohol you can ever consume. It’s all fun and games until you realize that too much alcohol can make a brick wall look attractive enough for a make-out session. Oh, that and they can also cause alcohol poisoning, which is what happened to one man. Luckily, the doctors were able to save him… using even more alcohol– 15 beer cans to be exact.


The incident actually happened last Christmas (of, course) in Vietnam to a man named Nguyen Van Nhat, 48-years-old. Two days before Jesus Christ’s birthday, Nhat had a little too much alcohol to drink. Because of that, he fell unconscious and was rushed to an emergency center. There, doctors discovered that Nhat had alcohol poisoning and his situation was critical.


To be more specific, Nhat ingested dangerous amounts of methanol, a dangerous type of alcohol. In fact, the doctors also discovered that Nhat’s methanol levels are 1,000 times higher than the recommended limit. How Nhat was able to consume such an alarming amount was never revealed.


The doctors, however, thought of a quick and brilliant idea to save Nhat’s life from alcohol poisoning. They injected his stomach with 15 cans of beer. You see, beer has ethanol (a safer form of alcohol) and the liver almost always breaks down ethanol first instead of methanol. This slowed down Nhat’s alcohol poisoning enough for doctors to perform dialysis on him so that the methanol will leave his body.


Needless to say, Nhat was saved from alcohol poisoning using even more alcohol, beer nonetheless. Always fight fire with fire.

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