Klepto Dog Keeps Stealing Stuff To Ransom Them For Treats

stealing stuff
Photo by Instagram/my_cat_vince_stagram

Some dogs are good bois, some are bad, and then there are the clever doggos who will always try to outsmart people for treats. If there ever was any doubt that dogs are smart creatures, then all of that shall be dispelled. One dog has apparently mastered the art of hostage-taking after repeatedly stealing stuff from his owners in order to trade them for treats later. Gotta admit that’s a sound business plan.

Dawn Barbacci thought she got a lovely furry bundle of joy when Archie, a golden retriever pup fell into her hands. Little did she know, Archie has some… tendencies and urges, of stealing stuff, that is. It started when Archie was young, the pup found out that taking things from his owner meant that they would try to get it back using treats in return. So here he is now:

Aww– I mean, bad boy. Archie kept taking things since he found out that it was indeed, a profitable business model. Not that he is actually causing trouble for his family, most of the time he would just steal remote controls for the TV or some shoes and some blankets, etc.– trivial stuff. However, he does it often and he does it well since he knows that he’ll get away with it, the smooth criminal:

Dawn even had to order remote control units in bulk as a countermeasure for Archie’s theft. One would expect that sort of behavior from a dog with a “retriever” in its breed name, however, most retrievers would let go of the item after retrieving them. Not Archie, Archie wants a prize… or price for the things he steals– er, retrieves.

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