Hormone Kit Designed To Allow Men To Breastfeed & ‘Bond’ With Newborn


We know what you’re thinking – men, breastfeeding babies now, really? Well, yup.

Fathers may soon be able to breastfeed their newborns with first ever ‘chestfeeding kit’; Photo: Newshub

Reportedly, a new ‘chestfeeding’ kit could assist modern mums battling to breastfeed and help fathers bond with their newborns.

The kit’s at the concept stage still, but soon to be available to the masses. Males would require to take hormones while their mate is pregnant to ‘grow ducts’ though doctors warned that it’s not known if men are able to grow milk ducts – or what effect the hormones will have on their physical frames.

The ‘chestfeeding’ kit designer states on it that the side effects could see men burgeoning ‘moobs‘ – up to a size B cup – as a consequence of taking female hormones.

Umm no, that’s okay; Photo: Meet The Fockers

Inventor, Marie-Claire, a Central Saint Martins product design student in London, hopes it will tear down barriers of dads feeling ‘left out’ when it comes to nursing their baby – and could be available in less than 5 years.

The kit entails taking the hormone progestin once a day which will be begin as soon as the pair find out they are expecting. Progestin assists in invigorating the production of milk-producing glands which are necessitated to breastfeed.

It’s said, in the final six weeks of pregnancy, the father-to-be would take an additional hormone, domperidone. It’s frequently prescribed to mothers struggling to breastfeed, and energizes the production of hormone prolactin, which tells a new mom’s body to generate milk.

Photo: Giphy; It’s a new day, fellas, it’s a new day..


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