Alyssa Milano’s Breast Milk Confiscated In The UK, Rants On Twitter

Alyssa Milano
[Photo credit: Maxim]

Alyssa Milano is a strong supporter of breastfeeding and is not afraid to show it with pictures, words and actions. After a long flight to the UK, the actress was furious when customs confiscated her pumped breast milk.

Apparently, Milano was traveling without her baby, but still needed to pump to keep her supply of breast milk. She had expressed 10 ounces of milk during her flight, but when she landed customs said it could not enter the country. She was told that if the baby was with her, she could of kept her milk in her possession. She quickly took to Twitter to express her anger.

Milano has been very diligent in showing off her balance of being a mother and a full-time actor. Her Instagram feed is full of breastfeeding pictures while getting ready for a job.

Fans have quickly came to Milano’s defense. This incident has further fueled the current controversy of public breastfeeding.

This isn’t the first time Milano has publicly defended her right to breastfeed. Recently, the actress came under scrutiny for posting pictures of her baby feeding.

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