Not A Good Boy: ‘Fake’ Police Dog Steals Food From Police Station; Gets Detained

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We’re very sorry to bring this bad news to you, especially to dog lovers: not all doggos are good bois. This truly indeed is an international tragedy, but one not-so-good-boy has betrayed dogkind and has committed a crime of stealing nuggers from the police. While it may have been cool if it were a human who did it, a dog doing it was just heartbreaking– needless to say, he was a bad dawg.

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One Golden Retriever named Bubbles from China– who is now sunned by the doggo community, was recently detained because he stole some chicken drumsticks/wings from the popo. What’s worse, he was wearing a police dog vest, which made the police think that he was stationed with them. That was also why he was able to get inside the station without much fuss.

Hence, he was detained for one day, probably less since the chicken he ate belonged to a police officer. Don’t worry, Bubbles never went hungry during detention, he already ate some good chicken– wait, why are we worrying about this doggo? He committed a crime– albeit in a cute manner. Anyway, Bubble’s owner soon came for him and was fined 100 yuan or $15 for inappropriate dogwalking.

Here’s a video about the perpetrator, take a look:

As for how and why Bubbles was wearing a fake police dog vest, we may never know. However, it seems there was no remorse or regret in Bubbles’ eyes and he will probably steal some nuggers again if given the chance. So what do you think, does Bubbles look good in a fake police dog vest or not? Feel free to discuss in the comments below.

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