Imgur Becomes More Social, Not As Reliant On Other Sites

Imgur has quickly become one of the most popular image sharing platforms on the planet and they have announced several new features. With 1.2 billion daily image views, they have a huge opportunity at better luring users in.

To get enough traction on images, users typically have to share them elsewhere, say Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit which is itself a major source of traffic. With the new changes, images submitted directly to the main gallery can more easily be discovered, as well as voted on and shared.

Alan Schaaf, CEO of Imgur, says that this new update is one of the biggest since launching in February of 2009. With the gallery, it will now be on the homepage and you can even drag and drop photos directly and the upload icon will follow you around the site.

When uploading multiple images, a gallery will automatically be created and have the option of being added to the “New” section so people can see them. Images in the “New” section are sorted by popularity and traction.

Imgur is also introducing updates for image and content sorting, user moderation, and reputation monitoring. For the full list of changes, you can go here. Right now, these improvements are only showing for a small fraction of users, but come October 29th, they’ll be available to all.



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