47 Percent Want Customer Service On Social Media [Study]

Social media is a great way for brands to interact in almost real-time with customers, and according to a new study by NM Incite, 47 percent of people using social networks want customer service. Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms aren’t just about sharing new content or talking with friends.

30 percent of people prefer to speak with a brand on social networks than call on the phone. The 2012 NM Incite Social Care Survey was put together thanks to Nielsen and polled thousands of social media users in the US across many age groups.

18 to 24-year-olds were found to be most actively seeking customer service in social media with 60 percent of females and 57 percent of males. Even with users ages 65 and up, one third have sought help on social platforms.

51 percent of users look for help more than once per month and out of those, one in ten use social media for customer service daily. Having great social media customer service proves to be helpful in increasing word of mouth.

71 percent of users say they are likely to recommend a brand after receiving a great experience. Even if the service doesn’t fulfill expectations, 70 percent are still likely to recommend them.

Facebook is the top platform when asking for help with 29 percent interacting on a company’s page, 28 percent on a personal page, followed by blogging at 15 percent. Twitter remains just behind at 14 percent seeking help from a personal account and 13 percent from a company’s account.

For more details, you can download the six page report here.



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