How Social Media Is Causing A Beauty Revolution

Beauty Revolution

Social media has become an important tool for businesses and brands of all kinds. However, the beauty industry has been the most successful in harnessing the power of social media and spurring a beauty revolution. The major cosmetic brands’ target demographic just happens to be made up of the same young women that make up the largest group of social media users. Because of this coincidence, they have been able to build a constant stream of consumer conversation. Of course, more consumer interaction results in more profits.

Not only is the power of social media helping these major brands, but smaller niche brands say that social media allows them to build a presence without a large marketing budget. The so-called selfie generation has boosted sales and revolutionized the beauty sector.

Beauty Revolution

“Never, before, heavy-weights in the US makeup and skincare market will have been confronted to such a revolution in consumer beauty products. A totally new dynamics, coming from Internet sales, social networks, bloggers, which is at worst, destabilizing and, at best, giving a real boost to leading brands in the industry,” reports Premium Beauty News.

For the first time, smaller brands have the opportunity to reach a large potential fan base and share their products. In fact, the Internet is playing a large role in the world of beauty products. More than 70 percent of all Americans own smartphones and they spend a majority on their devices scouring the Internet, watching videos and sharing on social media platforms. According to new study, these smartphones have begun playing a large role in many’s beauty routines. The industry reports an eight percent increase in profits with the introduction of beauty-based applications, such as Sephora’s Pocket Contour and YouCam Makeup.

Beauty Revolution

Social media has also given power to influence. Several profiles have emerged as “influencers.” For example, a beauty company may choose a star to promote their products. YouTube is now the go-to for beauty advice, tutorials and reviews. Long past is the effort of browsing through the most recent beauty magazine for the latest trends. The world of beauty is always at your fingertips. Whether you want advice or to simply discuss the industry, there are plenty of online opportunities, like Specktra’s high-end cosmetics forum.

Makeup artists and experts that have never been featured on the pages of Cosmopolitan are now becoming the leading voices in the beauty industry. After years of being told what is in, women are finally making their own choices on beauty standards.

Beauty Revolution

“Perhaps the best thing about the emergence of a connected beauty sphere, however, isn’t the rise of indy makeup brands or the amazing accessibility of knowledge being shared so freely but rather the democratization of beauty itself.,” writes tech blogger, Jordan Davis. “Today women are creating new standards of beauty that include more colors, and sizes and styles than ever before. The happy end result of all of this is that it has never been easier to be beautiful.”

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