8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Instagram

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With over 500 million daily monthly users, Instagram has grown to be one of the most significant social media sites. This huge community of people provides a substantial opportunity for marketing your brand. Here are 8 ways you can use Instagram to get the most out of it.

Have a concise and detailed profile

There isn’t much designing your profile in terms of aesthetics. But it is important to make your profile informative. Add links to your website, Facebook page, blog etc. Make sure your bio concisely explains what your brand stands for. It will work as the first impression people make of your profile. Turn your display picture to a simple image of your logo; keeping pictures of a model or landscape will not look very appealing given how small the icon is.

Make regular posts

If you want to come up at the top of your follower’s homepage, make sure you post regularly. On the contrary, don’t confuse regular posts with spamming. 1-2 posts per day are regular; 10 posts a day is asking to be unfollowed. No one likes to see what great quality shoes you sell over and over again while they are scrolling down their homepage. It will annoy your followers and may drastically decrease the number. On the other hand, if you post intermittently, like one post in a week, you will fall far down in the suggestions list. Make sure you keep the balance.

Use tracking analysis

Choose an Instagram tracking app to track activity around your posts. These apps will help you understand when your posts are being interacted with the most. This will help you understand the days, and the time of day you should post to have maximum possible exposure. You can schedule your future posts accordingly.

Interact with potential followers

A good way to be known is by interacting with users directly. Explore images posted by users who post relevant things to your brand. For example, if you sell fancy paper-weights and bookmarks, find pictures relating to stationery items or books or even coffee and tea (there are way too many pictures of people drinking those with a book in hand or on the table). Like these pictures and comment. If you think the user is particularly interested in what you have to sell, follow them. Make them know that you exist and that they might want to check out your profile. Be subtle, of course.

Use hashtags smartly

Hashtags are very important in the world of Instagram. When someone decides to “explore”, their search results will bring out posts with certain hashtags relevant to the search. Use some advance

Instagram search engine such as MulPix and make sure find hashtags that are relevant to your posts as well as popular. You can learn how popular a particular hashtag is by seeing how many posts have been made using that hashtag. This will help you come up in search results more often.

Make sponsored posts

Find bloggers or people with a large follower base on Instagram, who make posts relating to your products and services. You can incentivize them to make posts with your product images and mention how great the product is. These sponsored posts are the best way to reach a fairly targeted audience. If such a profile has its e-mail ID given on its bio, it is probably open to sponsored posts.

Promote your Instafeed

It is rather obvious that you will have a Facebook page or Twitter account for your brand, other than your Instagram. It is a good idea to use other media outlets to advertise your instafeed. Almost all Instagram users use either of these sites and will surely see posts about an Instagram account they might want to follow.

Post beautiful pictures

Finally, the most important tip is to post pictures that look good. People want to see things that look nice. And to capture the essence of instagram, it is a good idea to post pictures that are rather tailored for instagram. This app is about people sharing bits of beauty and bliss in their daily lives. Make sure your images compliment the idea. Make the pictures look personal and relatable. Beautiful landscapes near your office, the menu of your restaurant, a shoe lying in front of a clam blue ocean will look very appealing. Try not to use too many filters but make sure the pictures look vibrant.

Instagram is a great platform to showcase your brand and these basic tips will surely help you kickstart your new profile or rejuvenate your already existing one.



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