Hillary Destroys Trump With a Three-Word Tweet


After a glittering endorsement from none other than “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams, as well as the numbers to clinch the Democrat nomination, it seems Hillary Clinton is starting to get serious bout shutting down the opposition — starting with none other than Donald Trump.

Donald Trump being his acerbic self tweeted his disdain for Barack Obama’s endorsement of  Hillary.

And Hillary just shut him down with three simple words.

Aaaand the internet all went “ooooh, he’s gonna feel that burn in the morning.”

Barack Obama (with special appearance by Joe Biden) be all like:

The savagery is real.

He’s gonna need some industry-strength cream for that burn.

Khaleesi-approved. “Hey, girl, you can borrow my dragons anytime.”

Looks like Hillary Clinton is lit.

On the other hand, other folks have begun memeing her epic response. With her original tweet garnering over 180,000 retweets, this sort of thing was bound to happen.

And her critics are also quick to remember about all those emails that have mysteriously vanished under her watch. Hmmm.


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