Hillary Makes Chicken Noises, Twitter Makes #BernieTrumpDebate

Twitter has taken to the hashtag machine to show their support of a Bernie vs. Trump Debate.


Hillary Clinton recently decided that she wouldn’t debate Senator Bernie Sanders, which was probably a wise move for her. Bernie has gone from a legitimate contender to a real thorn in her side, and in a debate he would only make her look worse. If she is indicted, which after yesterday seems a tad more likely, then he might get the nomination. But short of that it’s a tough draw for old Bernie.

Trump has actually been kind of civil towards Bernie Sanders, at least in comparison to how he treats everybody else. And now that Hillary has said she won’t debate against the beloved grandfather, Twitter is crying for Trump to step in with the hashtag #BernieTrumpDebate. A Trump and Bernie debate would be awesome, as Comedy Central has already showed us. And it really looks like this thing might be happening. We don’t have any concrete dates quite yet but magic is definitely in the air. And maybe we’ll even get more of our favorite GIF in action.

This little gem from one of my favorite Twitter personalities.

Featured Image: [Flickr/kl801]

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