Has Ted Cruz Has Buried His Zodiac Killer Past?

The internet has answered the question "Is Ted Cruz The Zodiac Killer" but it seems the Texan is trying to ditch his shady past.

ted cruz zodiac killer

Earlier during the election season, there was some sort of weird yet hilarious spoof going on where people were suggesting that Ted Cruz is actually the Zodiac Killer. I hate to admit it, but Ted Cruz isn’t the Zodiac Killer, he just looks pretty creepy. However, the idea of him being the Zodiac Killer went crazy viral, Twitter and Tumblr were going crazy and your friendly internet dweebs at socialnewsdaily.com ran a story called “In A Hilarious Turn, The Internet Wants Ted Cruz To Be The Zodiac Killer“.

The internet was going so crazy about the possibility that during that time “is ted cruz the zodiac killer” was the number two most searched result when you typed in “is ted cruz”. Check out this screen shot from when we ran the original article.

ted cruz zodiac killer google search
But really, is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer?

But now when you type in “is Ted Cruz…” the Zodiac Killer result is mysteriously absent.
ted cruz zodiac killer google search

The Daily Dot reported that this new search pattern doesn’t make sense. They found that far more people are searching “Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer” than are searching “Is Ted Cruz American” or “Is Ted Cruz Married”. In fact, Cruz’s people have buried the Zodiac Killer search so far in the web that Google won’t suggest that he’s the Zodiac Killer when you type in “Is Ted Cruz the…” Instead take a look at what pops up.
ted cruz zodiac killer

Of course, “Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer?” blows all those searches out of the water. So clearly the Cruz campaign has pulled a fast one over on Google or paid Google off or figured out a way to trick the internet. Now we’re not saying that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer, but this seems exactly like the kind of shady business the Zodiac Killer might be up to….

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