Hampton Inn Employee Harassed By Boss For Refusing To Undergo Exorcism

Photo by Hampton Inn

Bureaucracy can often be detrimental to the welfare of employees, especially when your “boss” is an under-qualified bully. As a result, we have seen numerous dramatic employee-boss incidents involving tyranny. Another one even occurred recently in Hampton Inn where an employee was forced to resign for refusing his boss’ demands to have him exorcised.


Jason Fields was a front-desk employee at a Hazard, Kentucky branchof Hampton Inn. Life started getting rough for him recently– he was going through a divorce. Fields’ manager, Sharon Lindon, heard of what he was going through, so she advised to help him… by claiming that his marital problems were being caused by demons and he should be exorcised.


It’s worth noting that Lindon was a Christian and like some of them, she thinks personal problems are caused by demons, hence her suggestion. However, Fields was not willing to undergo an exorcism and made it clear to Lindon. Still, Lindon did not give up, and that was when things started escalating.


Lindon actually started bringing members of her church in Hampton Inn and in front of guests to pray for Fields. She also kept asking him when he was willing to start the exorcism as well as giving him a written questionnaire filled with invasive queries about religion. Apparently, he needed to return it answered before the exorcism. This is some of what’s written in them, according to Fields:

  • Briefly explain your conversion experience.
  • In one word, who is Jesus Christ to you?
  • Have you ever made a pact with The Devil?
  • Have you ever been involved in any Eastern religions?

When Fields refused, Lindon started bullying him by assigning him poor work shifts, changing his duties, and threatening to fire him. So, Fields was forced to resign because of this, but not without suing Lindon and Hampton Inn. Fields is now seeking unspecified monetary damages after he quit Hampton Inn due to “continuing harassment and discrimination.”

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