[VIDEO] Pastor Exorcises Woman Possessed By An ‘Oral Sex Demon’

Photo by YouTube/Ed Citronnelli Ministries

Religions are a dime-a-dozen these days and there are numerous “cults” with their own sub-cults that have popped up like mushrooms. While some of them have noble and genuine intentions, others have raised a lot of eyebrows. One such example is a church in the US where a pastor exorcised one worshipper unfortunate enough to be possessed by an oral sex demon.


Gotta watch out for those things, they are the worst kinds of demons. While the oral sex demon might be a thought hard to swallow, pastor Ed Citronelli and his own church Ed Citronelli Ministries, begs to differ. One of their church sessions was quite fruitful and shows Citronelli successfully defeating an oral sex demon which possessed one of the followers:

In case it gets taken down, the video shows a woman apparently being sexually violated by an invisible demon who supposedly has a penchant for oral sex. Citronelli is shown channeling his religious might with words and prayer to exorcise the said demon. The woman also had to spit what’s supposed to be the oral sex demon’s semen in order to expel the evil from her. Here’s the full video:

It is worth noting that Citronelli’s other exorcism exploits are just as… daring. In their little sanctuary located at Yonkers, New York, US, Citronelli has purged his worshippers of demons causing exam failures:

College students ought to love this guy. Other times, Citronelli makes the “Holy Spirit” drop a man’s criminal charges and free him from prison:

Of course, here’s also one for the books: that one time “Lucifer” came to Citronelli’s church and got its butt kicked:

Whatever would we do without pastor Ed Citronelli?

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