Hairy Situation: Eccentric Artist Turns Women’s Long Armpit Hair Into Art

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As human beings, we will always have body hairs in “unwanted” places. Of course, that depends on your genes, but the general body type usually has hairs in the darkest voids of the human anatomy. There’s just nothing we can do about them, other than shaving. While people are still divided on their acceptance of women letting their armpit hair grow, one artist has thought about them in advance, or in excess perhaps.

Marius Sperlich is quite the avant-garde artist, for he has made art out of women’s bushy armpit hairs, along with other body parts. Sure enough, for this to happen, he actually has to find women who have let themselves go, as in let their armpit hairs fully grow. Despite it sounding weird and even disgusting to a lot of people, there can be no mistaking that what he did was art. Take a look at some of his creations, it’s quite hairy:

Those waves were quite pretty. As for the braided armpit hairs, you can actually see Marius using blonde hair extensions for them since it is physically impossible for a woman to grow armpit hairs that long. The result was polarizing for a lot of people, some were disgusted while others were more or less open to Marius’ creations.

Other comments were certainly more creative, with one of them suggesting that Marius rename his idea as “Hairy Pitter.” It can certainly be an acquired taste, but a lot of women are actually not minding their armpit hairs anymore. After all, your body belongs to you and you alone, so no social norm should pressure you to conform, unless your health is at risk, of course.

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