Armpit Tattoos: The Seemingly (Not So) New and Painful Trend

There has been much talk about armpit tattoos online lately. Seems since people have begun posting themselves getting them done on Instaham, everyone who has never seen it before seems to think it is a new trend. It isn’t, though it was never quite as popular as it seems to be getting now. Matter of fact, growing up in high school I had a friend who had one female leg doing down the side of his body, and another on the inside of his arm that met at his armpit hair. You do the math, it was pretty hilarious.

Some of these, on the other hand, are just pretty:

Flower pits! If only they smelled as sweet!

Fun todayyyy! Thx anna ?! #piratepiercingturnhout #dotworktattoo #dotwork #ornamentaltattoo #armpittattoo

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I remember the good old days of getting the word MOM tattooed inside a heart. Those days are long gone now.


They do say it is quite painful, though, as the armpit is very sensitive.

So what do you think? Crazy cool or just plain crazy?


Remy Carreiro


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