Family Of Ducks Jaywalked Into Rush Hour Traffic; What Happened Next Was Unbelievable

Photo by YouTube/Best Dash Cam Accidents

Growing up, we have probably come across stories of duck families as children. There was the one where the mother left her ducklings, and then another one where he was ugly but turned out to be a fabulous swan. Point is, a lot of people are fond of ducks, so what happens when a mother duck leads her babies into a raging river of mechanical death traps called rush hour cars? Something disastrously cute.

No, they did not turn into duck pies. They were actually given way. The motorists, despite the highway rush hour, actually stopped to let the ducks through. This happened during one busy morning in Auckland, New Zealand last Friday. There, three lanes of traffic gave way to a family of ducks, none of them got harmed. Here’s a video of the incident:

In fact, the only casualty was probably a few minutes late arrivals among employees who had to stop. So while a lot of people experienced minor delays that morning, it was worth it, for the ducks. The miraculous coordination between the motorists left a lot of people on the internet happy with some of them claiming that their faith lost in humanity was restored because of the incident.

Apparently, the New Zealand police even went in and helped the ducks reach complete safety. Unfortunately this was not caught on video, but nevertheless, made people even happier, knowing that the mother duck and her ducklings get to live another day despite coming across the most destructive force in nature: urbanization.

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