Assam Woman Demands DEATH Of Her Neighbor for Killing Her Ducks

An Assam (a part of Northeast India) woman was recently up in arms about a neighbor of hers who killed her egg-laying ducks. The sad story is one of the ducks waddled onto his property and he beat it to death with a stick, and the woman approached the judicial system suggesting the man receive the same fate.

While you all my roll your eyes and think that resolution extreme on the woman’s part, what you need to understand is, they live in a different country from us and that was an egg laying suck, meaning the duck would’ve provided much food for the family for quite some time if reared and raised correctly.

Her example was to show that he cut them off from food which could lead to their death so why shouldn’t he suffer the same fate for his cruel act? Seems extreme, but when you think about it, is it? Problem is, most the guy can get is five years based on laws out there.

Karma is a bitch, though, he will get his. You don’t kill animals.

Remy Carreiro


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