H3H3 Productions, Ethan Klein Creates Hilarious Videos and Huge Controversies


Everyone loves a hilarious YouTube video and H3H3 Productions has been known to give us just that. The popular comedy YouTube channel is known for their videos mocking other popular videos and topics. Created just last year, the channel has thousands of subscribers and is extremely popular in the YouTube community.

The creator of the channel, Ethan Klein has created many hilarious videos that poke fun at other popular trending videos, as well as some interesting reaction videos. Take for instance, one of the channel’s most popular videos. Titled “Catching A Predator With Joey Salads- H3H3 Reaction Video,” the video makes fun of another popular YouTuber, Joey Salads. Joey Salads is known for his viral social experiment videos, but Klein shows us just how silly it all is.

Klein breaks down the video with hilarious narration. He even points out the hilarious parts, like the fact they decided to douse the pedophiles in flour and pancake syrup. Or the fact that they posed as the LAPD posted up in the hotel bathroom.

Klein makes fun of all kinds of videos, like this one about an early Papa John’s commercial about their new online ordering system.

Apparently, he gave the delivery driver a big tip. Cue the immature comments…

Teaming up with his wife, Hila and friend, Sean, H3H3 Productions has seen so much success, they even have their own knowyourmeme page (that’s when you know you’ve hit it big.)

Their videos have millions of views, and it is safe to say they have a pretty big fan base. From various fan videos featuring clips of Klein to mashups of the H3H3 theme song, this YouTube channel has done what many strive to achieve. There is even some really creepy fan art floating around the web.

H3h3 Ethan Klein
[Photo credit: Knowyourmeme]

Not the most flattering, but for a man that makes a career out of making fun of others, it seems spot on.

H3h3 Ethan Klein
[Photo credit: Knowyourmeme]

Although, with success comes controversy. H3H3 host, Ethan Klein has been amidst controversy after publishing a video that made fun of “Prank Invasion,” a partner with Fullscreen Network. The video quickly became one of H3H3’s most popular videos. This led to Fullscreen accusing H3H3 of copyright infringement. The claims led YouTube to pull the video off of H3H3’s channel. The move angered the YouTube community and led to speculation of media companies using manipulation and threats to hold small YouTubers back.

According to YouTube rules on copyright, this strike on H3H3 means the channel will have two more strikes. Break the rules two more times and the popular YouTube channel would be deleted.

In a new video, Klein argues that all of his channel’s material is protected by fair use regulations. Ironically, the censorship was flagged by Fullscreen again and removed. YouTube claims that line between creative use and infringement is very thin and easily violated. There is one loophole in YouTube’s policy. Channels are allowed to host copyrighted material. However, the original owner of the material is allowed to claim all of the ad revenue form the videos. The Fullscreen issue has made it impossible for H3H3 to monetize any of new videos. Many argue this is another unfair way larger media channels are taking advantage of small YouTubers. They seem to be banding together to take a stand via social media.


These actions against H3H3 Productions have had some serious consequences on the channel. For example, the channel’s own network, Collective DS has suspended all monetization on all of their videos.

Fullscreen seems to have found themselves in a sticky situation. As a company that wants to attract aspiring YouTube talent, this isn’t the best way to do it. Brietbart reached out for a comment from Fullscreen, but so far there has been no word.

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