Bear Cub Picks Perfect Napping Spot — a Pizzeria

Here at SocialNewsDaily, we’ve had our fair share of bears getting all violent and getting hot back — either by getting slapped or punched in the nose by seniors and getting sent home. Today, we’ll focus on one sweetie who just had to take a nap in the most perfect spot ever.

A young brown bear wandered into a Colorado Springs pizzeria in search of the perfect place to nap. Apparently, this cub was craving more for a hot slice of margherita instead of a generous comb of homegrown honey, as the scent of cheese and tomato sauce led it to its unlikely sleepy spot.

Where exactly did this napper come from? No one knows for sure, except that it had been spotted moseying around  the grounds of a local Palmer High School, almost causing the school to go into lockdown in alarm, says Blanca Caro, the police resource officer at Palmer.

Perhaps the reactions of the humans inside the structure puzzled the bear, only to be lured by the smell of bubbling cheese and warm tomato sauce — and into the Pizzeria it went.

“I started heading west on Boulder and that’s when I got flagged down by an employee at Louie’s Pizza,”Caro reports. The Carolina Parks and Wildlife headed to the scene and entered the backdoor of the restaurant — only to find the wee cub sleeping soundly after fiddling with some of the restaurant supplies.


On closer inspection, the experts found the bear cub malnourished with a wound on one of her paws. It’s no wonder the scent of the delicious pizza brought the creature into their supply room, and perhaps its exhaustion caused it to take a nap instead.

“If we get that weight up and the wound heals, it will go back in to the wild,” Says Matt Robbins, spokesman of the Colorado Parks & Wildlife. Robbins also added that the “orphan” bear also appeared to be alone.

“We have not gotten any reports of the momma bear in the area,” Caro chimes in. “That’s a good thing.”

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