Guy Does Tesla’s Work For Them; Rebuilds And Recycles Salvaged Tesla Cars

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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and if the man throwing the trash was Elon Musk, then those things may as well be gold. The “trash” in particular are wrecked Tesla cars which have been disposed of. One guy found them valuable even in such a state of wreckage and has managed to amass a collection and a following.

Photo by NatGeo Falcon Heavy Coverage

No, not him. The person in question is Rich Benoit, a car enthusiast with his own YouTube channel. He is also a self-proclaimed car Dr. Frankenstein due to his ability and knowledge to bring completely dead and totaled Tesla cars back to life. Because of this, he has gained a lot of subscribers for his channel where he upholds an admirable and inspiring consumer philosophy. Watch his story right here:

Rich certainly knows how to get the show on the road. He believes that people should own what they purchase. This is contrary to Tesla’s electric car policies where they allegedly have control over what and how much gets fixed. Rich believes that Tesla’s repair policies can be quite anti-consumer in practice, hence he upholds his own convictions for car ownership and repair, and also helps people with their cars.

Rich has also thought out the apparent repercussions of his actions. Should Tesla try to put a full stop to his rather charitable operation, they might find it difficult to do so since he lives in Massachusetts and the state has its elaborate car ownership and repair laws. Regardless, the world will probably be a better place with more people like Rich.

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