Hundreds Of Crocodiles Massacred After Whole Village Takes Revenge For One Croc Attack


It is quite a rare sight to see the human race taking revenge against mother nature. After all, not many people can face the wrath of the Earth. That is why they often take it out on other species, like crocodiles, which exactly what happened in the province of West Papua in Indonesia.

Photo by BBC

Nature was just assuming its usual food chain course where an unfortunate villager was the prey and the predator was a crocodile. The villager was named Sugito and was apparently trespassing in a protected crocodile sanctuary to forage for some vegetables. The inhabitants of the sanctuary attacked and killed Sugito despite someone hearing his screams and consequently coming to his aid.

Photo by Wikipedia/Leigh Bedford

After his funeral, though, a mob of around 400 armed individuals from Sugito’s village stormed the crocodile sanctuary and proceeded to massacre 292 crocodiles inside. Meanwhile, the police and authorities were not able to stop the enraged mob, resulting in the death of all of the crocodiles in the sanctuary from saltwater species to freshwater ones.

Photo by Flickr

To make matters worse, the sanctuary was built for safeguarding the crocodiles inside which were protected species. The sanctuary was also operating on a license to breed protected saltwater and New Guinea crocodiles for preservation. One could wonder whether they could have just asked for the hide of the crocodile who attacked the trespasser. There are many sides at fault here, but the killing of all crocodiles is rather unwarranted and borders on blind rage. Not to mention the charges that the villagers would be receiving for slaughtering protected species.

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