Twitter Gets Crunk on “GOP Movies”


So what do Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz have in common? That they’re quickly turning into the laughing stock of most of liberal America. Oh, and that they’re members of the GOP.

With the debate action getting all hotter and heavier with each session, and the caucuses going on their ups and downs, Twitter has once again come to the rescue of the Internet and laid down some laughs. What would happen if these presidentiables had their on #GOPMovies?

And boy, Twitter did not disappoint.

When Jeb Bush peaced out from that race, some folks bet this is what he’d be.

Thrills! Chills! Hair-raising action! (Plot twist: His hair is secretly evil!)

He’d win first place, all the time.

Eeek! Save that poor Lady’s sanity!

That, or he just doesn’t want to share.

… And they’re not even half as romantic. Phooey.

And the people who buy into all that, well…

Meanwhile on Ben Carson’s end…

Yep, that’s pretty much what happened on the debate panel. Best not wake him up.

Not even Hillary Clinton is safe from these burns.

Because y’know, it’s pretty clear who the GOP are really reppin’ for here, and it’s not the people.

Yeah. Sheesh.

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