Ted Cruz’s Obamacare Filibuster Inspires Support, Mockery [Twitter Reacts]

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As Ted Cruz “filibusters” over Obamacare, Twitter has split down party lines between those cheering on the political theater, and those mocking the latest GOP attempt to take down the health care law.

Over on Twitter, Ted Cruz supporters are tweeting under the hashtags #KeepCruzin and #StandWithCruz to show solidarity — and jokesters are also taking the terms and using them to have a little bit of fun during the umpteenth Obamacare debate.

Among Cruz’s detractors are the following Twitter users, who are lampooning his argument and decision to filibuster over Obamacare:

Supporters were also sarcastic:

How did your Twitter feed react to the Ted Cruz Obamacare filibuster? Did you see a lot of #StandWithCruz or #KeepCruzin tags, or were your friends less enthused by the ongoing act?

Kim LaCapria

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