Google+ Integrates Google Drive Documents Into Stream

Google+ may not get as much attention as other social networks, but today they announced the integration of Drive documents directly into the stream. Previously, you could share a document, presentation, PDFs, even videos from Google Drive on it, but users would have to click-through in order to view.

With this new integration, users can watch or read what you share, right from the comfort of their own stream without having to go anywhere.

Since Google Drive is now a big part of the whole system, this new feature is sure to be a great fit, especially for the business crowd who can easily share their latest presentation with their audience.

In order to share a document or video from Google Drive and have it appear directly in the Google+ stream, once you have it uploaded, click on the file itself. In the top right hand side, you should see a blue “Share” button.

Click “Share” and underneath where it says “Who has access” and next to “Private,” click “Change.” You’ll want to select either “Public on the web” or “Anyone with a link” and once you’ve done that, ensure that “Can view” is selected and not “Can edit,” otherwise your file could potentially be altered.

Once you’ve hit “Save,” simply copy and paste the link to the share box on Google+. From there you can decide who to share it with, such as circles or public, and that’s it. Hit “Share” and your document or video will port right on the stream.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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