Google+ Hangouts Make Their Way To The Space Station

Google+ Hangouts have gone above and beyond their original intention and this time have made their way to the International Space Station. Hangouts are a group video chat up to 10 people and Hangouts On Air are a group video chat that’s live streamed and recorded.

JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, teamed up with Google to host a Hangout On Air from the Space Station. The technology is pretty amazing and Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide was the person on the other end.

This was the first ever public Hangout in space. Surprisingly, astronauts have been using the technology while stationed, but previously for private chats, not public.

Akihiko answered questions from those in the Google+ Hangout On Air and interacted with kids who seemed very excited. Overall, the video chat lasted just under 20 minutes. There was a slight delay to the Space Station, but when you’re doing a live video chat from space, you don’t get hassled.

As far as JAXA doing another Hangout On Air from space, there’s been no official word yet. Since there are several astronauts on the Space Station at any given time, it would be cool to see Hangouts happen more often.

You can watch the chat below by skipping to the one hour, 15 minute mark.

Mike Stenger

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