‘Germs Are Not A Real Thing,’ Says Fox News Host Who Hasn’t Washed Hands For 10 Years

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If people ever wonder why antivaxxers existed and why various countries all over the world are now suffering viral outbreaks, well, fake news is half to blame. The other half are people who sorely need a critical-thinking workshop. One Fox News host is probably one of those people, as he claimed that he has not washed hands for a decade since germs do not exist.


Well, that’s Fox News summed up for you, but still. The Fox News host was Pete Hegseth and he made quite some bold claims just this Sunday on the network. During an episode of Fox & Friends, Hegseth had a co-host named Jedediah Bila and the two talked about pizza on their show. Things got quite eyebrow-raising when Bila brought up that he munched on an old pizza.

Soon after that, Hegseth brought up his 2019 resolution, which is to say on air some things which he usually says off air. Hence, the Fox News host claimed that he does not wash his hands, “I don’t think I’ve washed my hands for 10 years.” He claimed that that improves his health and boosts his immune system, being the science expert on Fox News that he is.


“I inoculate myself. Germs are not a real thing. I can’t see them. Therefore, they’re not real,” concluded Hegseth. There’s also the fact that people cannot see their brains, meaning they’re probably not real too, right?


Needless to say, Hegseth is wrong and germs are everywhere, some also mutate constantly and can get deadly. The best and simplest way to protect yourself from germs, bacterias, and viruses is to wash your hands. It also would not hurt to go the extra mile and vaccinate yourself and the ones you love against the most harmful of them. On a final note, please don’t dine with a certain Fox News host.

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