Former Congressman Joe Walsh Just Tweeted Something Crazy

Former Congressman Joe Walsh has gone full-tilt crazy in the wake of the recent tragedy in Dallas

congressman joe walsh

No, we’re not talking about Eagles frontman Joe Walsh, who’s hit song “Life’s Been Good” is dance-able at any occasion. This post is about former Congressman Joe Walsh from Illinois who decided to play the crazy card after the recent shootings in Dallas. After the shooting he sent out a spew of tweets that can best be categorized as an attack on Obama and at worst be regarded as racist.

He also sent out a tweet (that has since been taken down) that read “3 Dallas cops killed. 7 wounded. This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out Black Lives Matter punks. Real America is coming after you.”

Walsh was also kicked off his own radio show in 2014 for saying the n-word and derogatory terms for Mexicans.

Walsh is a Tea Party Republican who was elected several years ago and then replaced by a Democrat. Then Walsh ridiculed his replacement’s military service by saying she talked about it too much. His website bears more resemblance to a far-right propaganda machine than an actual elected politician with stories like “Obama Bashes America on 4th of July” and “Millennials and Liberals Least Patriotic Groups in America”.

Thankfully, Walsh is out of office and with this series of Tweets has probably mostly discredited himself as a serious human being. The incident in Dallas was a tragedy and the murders that committed it were nuts, they wanted to shoot people anyway, this was just their scapegoat. Walsh’s idea that “the end is coming” should be changed to “a dialogue is coming”.

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