Facebook Bans Popular ‘Meninist’ Meme Page For “Violating Policy”

meninist page banned

It was move that many are calling more evidence of Facebook’s alleged liberal policy. The popular Facebook page “Meninist” is filled with memes and jokes meant to poke fun of feminists, “social justice warriors” and other cultural authoritarians. With more than 400,000 likes and millions of views a week, the page’s administrators were shocked to get banned from the popular social media site.

It all started when admins claimed they received a notification claiming that the page was violating Facebook’s policy and all offensive material should be immediately deleted. Once the page was in compliance, the admins could appeal. However, if the material was not removed, the page would be permanently deleted.

“It looks like content posted on your Page doesn’t follow the Facebook Terms and Community Standards, so your Page was unpublished”.

meninst page banned

It seems one simple screenshooted picture was the reason behind the warning. The photo claimed to show a text conversation of a girl breaking up with a guy over text message.

meninst page banned

The page admins claimed that they immediately began removing any material that could be considered offensive. Once that was done, they filed an appeal with Facebook. However, the social media giant believed that some of the remaining posts were still offensive.

“In the notice, Facebook suggests removing any content that violates their community standards, so [we] removed literally everything but the main page image prior to appealing… Last night we received a notice that the pages’ profile picture itself violated facebook’s community standards, and the page was permanently deleted”.

And the so-called “offensive” material that was left? This picture…

meninst page banned

The meninst page is still banned and there hasn’t been any word on whether it will be reinstated. However, there are plenty of smaller coopycat accounts to follow if you really need to.

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