Florida Commissioner Resigns Over Licking Faces & Grabbing Genitals Accusation

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No, this is not an article about the mythical notorious Florida man, we’ve had enough of those already. However, Florida is known for housing some of the weirdest criminals on the planet, something in the water perhaps? Turns out, it’s not just men who are prone to such bizarre crimes, but women as well since we now have a female Florida commissioner in hot water for sexual harassment.


Nancy Oakley is Madeira Beach city’s commissioner, or rather, was, since she just recently resigned from her political post. All of that is due to scandalous allegations of her licking a former city manager’s face. Well, that’s disturbing, but it’s not so bad, right? Too bad that’s not the only thing she did, as she also grabbed the said manager’s genitals.


The Florida Commissioner’s resignation also came just weeks after avoiding a recall election. Now, Florida Commission on Ethics is looking into the matter and it seems the odds are against Oakley. In fact, there might have been other government employees which witnessed the Florida Commissioner’s sexual aggression. “Overwhelming testimony” per se.


“She would grab your genitalia and then lick you from your Adam’s apple, up across your face. And it just wasn’t a pleasant issue and she did that to show dominance,” said City manager Shane Crawford. This was back in a fishing competition back in 2012 and involved an intoxicated Oakley. Crawford held back on filing a complaint before since he feared losing his position.

Crawford did muster the courage to do so just after the 2017 re-election which Oakley filed to join. Apparently, the Florida Commissioner also had several other victims. Hopefully, her resignation marks the start of the victims’ getting their well-deserved justice.

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