Florida Man (Yes, Him Again) Found With 3 Syringes In Anus, Claims They Aren’t His

Photo by Tampa Bay Times/Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

What is it with Florida men these days? Always getting themselves in viral news headlines because of their otherworldly hijinks. Someone ought to make a reality show out of them. Now, we have yet again, another Florida man incident involving syringes… in his anus, which were “totally not his,” mind you.


The incident happened in Clearwater, Florida where a local named Wesley Dasher Scott was arrested on Friday, January 4, on a warrant stemming from drug charges. After being picked up by the authorities he was stripped searched as per SOP and he was actually part of a string of arrests made during that day.


Scott, however, stood out for an A-grade excuse he gave to the police after they found three syringes crammed in his rectum: they were not his. Before that though, the deputy stressed that Scott was given the chance to come clean and was made aware of the consequences of his being caught hiding contraband. This probably did not deter him, seeing as he already had an excuse fitting of poker championships.


Regardless, after being found out with the syringes which were most definitely used for injecting drugs, the said Florida man even helped fish them out of his anus for the deputy. This was after he denied that the syringes were his.


Perfect as the Florida man’s excuse may be, he still failed to say who they belonged to… or how they got there. Hence, he is now facing several charges including, “felony possession of contraband in a county detention facility, possession of drugs without a prescription with intent to sell, possession of marijuana, and possession of drugs without a prescription.”

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