“Female Anatomy Expert” Disses Thigh Gaps, Gets Owned

Thigh Gaps

Let’s get one thing straight: thigh gap =/= wide-set vagina. Got that? Good.

Because it seems this guy doesn’t want to.


Oh god no, please stop, we don’t want to hear about your concern for vaginal tightness. *shudder*

Look, we’re not doing a 180° and saying striving for a thigh gap and hurting yourself in the process in good for you. We’re also not saying having a thigh gap is horrible. Far from it. Whether you have a thigh gap or your thighs touch, all bodies are good bodies. Which is why the above dudebro, with his arguments on why he knows what’s best for anyone’s thighs, is just mind-boggling.

And seriously, the only person who should be thinking about how tight their vagina is the person who actually owns the vagina. Like, you know, the person who actually has a vagina?


Ugh, no, just please stop.

It’s people like these who seem to get their rocks off by mansplaining everyone down to smithereens that give critical thinking a bad name. Seriously, take away all the “evidence” and links to scholarly studies and proof to show just how “wrong” the other person is, people like these are just big jerks deep down.

Some commenters have tried to sand up to said dudebro, and got mansplained for their efforts.


As if that wasn’t enough, this dudebro just had to go and brag about how much mind-blowing sex he’s had.

All it took was this sweet little rejoinder at the end of the comment thread to shut him down.


Aaaah, yes. Sweet, sweet justice in just seven words.

Feature image courtesy of The Daily Beast
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