Beyonce Photoshopped Thigh Gap Into Bikini Photo, Says Internet


Do Beyonce’s thighs look a little more…. curvy than usual? The singer has been accused of photoshopping some thigh gap into a recent photo from her vacation to the Dominican Republic.

The photo shows Beyonce attempting to putt on a golf course and it looks like her thighs are a little thinner than normal. It also looks like there’s a big chunk of thigh meat missing from her left leg. Most people proclaimed that this was a photoshop fail but some people came to Beyonce’s defense.

Nikki Barr at Yahoo writes explains that when you bend over your thighs widen a little you get a little more gap. I don’t have any photographic proof of this but you can test it out for yourself. Go ahead, take off your clothes, bend over, and look between your legs. Have more thigh gap than usual?T

That might be true but it still looks like Beyonce’s photo has been poorly touched up. Just look at her legs? They seem a little wavy don’t they?

Regardless, Beyonce probably wasn’t the one responsible for photoshopping the image. That job probably belonged to some intern who may or may not be out of a job soon.

What do you think? Did Beyonce photoshop some thigh gap into her photo? Here’s another look at beyonce on the golf course.

Dan Evon

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