“F*ck Kavanaugh” Lipstick is Raising Money For Sexual Assault Victims

"F*ck Kavanaugh" Lipstick is Raising Money For Sexual Assault Victims

Remember back in June, when feminist makeup brand Lipslut released their fabulous “F*ck Trump” lipstick?

The matte liquid lipstick allowed women to look hot and stand up to Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy with one swipe of this gorgeously wearable nude shade. From day one the brand has donated 50% of their profits to civil rights organisations, with all the profits from the $20 “F*ck Trump” shade going to divided migrant families.

And now, Lipslut have done it again, with their new “F*ck Kavanaugh” lipstick. A bright red liquid lipstick, profits from the new shade will be donated to organisations that support sexual assault victims.

The item is available to pre-order until the 7th October, when the sexual assault charity that will receive the donation is selected by a vote.

Founder Katie Sones told Bustle that they opted for a red shade to reflect Kavanaugh’s “hot-headedness” at the hearing last week. The colour was chosen by an Instagram poll, as were the charities in the running for the lipstick’s profits – RAINN, NO MORE, National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, and End the Backlog.

“The resounding winner was a dark red,” Sones said. “After seeing Kavanaugh’s hotheadedness at the hearing, we thought a ‘calm, cool, and collected’ shade would be fitting. Imagine a cool-toned maroon.”

“While watching the hearing and the events leading up to it, I got so upset seeing women’s voices being ignored, doubted, and flat-out denied,” she added.

“If the highest levels of government won’t listen to us, who will? To me, this entire mess serves as a microcosm for how thousands of women’s experiences and traumas are treated everyday — we had to act.”

Get yours here.

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