Trump/Kavanaugh Supporter Mom Convinces Daughters Groping ‘Is No Big Deal’

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A lot of Americans and even foreigners often wonder how a person like Trump or politicians like him win an election. Well, it turns out, they have supporters, and these supporters support anything they do. By anything, that includes vulgarity, racism, bigotry, and of course, groping. It’s also not just the male supporters, there was recently a mother of two who told her teenage daughters that groping is not a problem.

During an MSNBC interview in Montana just a few days ago, a Trump and Kavanaugh supporter went all out. With her two daughters in tow, she told the reporter “Groping a woman? At 18? I mean, how many guys do you know who think that’s no big deal? It’s not a big deal.” Even asking for the approving nod of her teenage daughters, both of whom seems to agree with her.

The woman also said this in defense of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh who is under fire after three accusations of sexual assault. One of the three women who accused Kavanaugh also recalled of Kavanaugh’s sexually aggressive behavior at alcohol-fueled parties when he was in high school.

As such, the pro-Trump, pro-Kavanaugh, and “pro-groping” mom came under the scrutiny of Twitter users. Most of them feel sorry for the daughters for having a mom which may not come to their aid if they get “groped” or worse. It is also quite disturbing to hear such a sentiment from a mother herself, shrugging off violence and maltreatment of women just so she could defend her political favorites. Then again, what is left to expect from a Trump supporter?

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