Facebook’s Link To Twitter Is Down For Many, Seems To Be Facebook’s Problem

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook users who have their accounts linked to Twitter said that their posts are no longer showing up on the microblogging site like they’re supposed to as of Thursday. The glitch appears to affect all types of content fed from Facebook to Twitter.

Yesterday, Facebook user Diti Mua posted the following complaint on the company’s Community Forum:

[quote type=”large” align=”left”] “Page updates not posting to my twitter account (has been working fine up until today) help!!” [/quote]

A handful of other users have also experienced this issue, with at least one user speculating that Facebook has done it on purpose (a helpful alternative: use HootSuite). If you’re experiencing this problem, you can check to see if your Facebook is still linked to your Twitter, but some have confirmed that the problem persists despite the link remaining intact, so the problem may indeed run deeper.

Not all Facebook users are experiencing this problem, and tweets from the microblogging site are still appearing on Facebook without incident, so the issue is likely Facebook’s alone. We’ll get back to you when we know more.

Are you having problems with the link between your Facebook and Twitter accounts?

Kokou Adzo

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  1. Mine hasn't been working. Glad I'm not alone… but I didn't think much about it except for now my public posts can be longer than 140 characters.

  2. Yeah, lots of these things seem to be deliberately happening. Lately it also seems FB is able to put individual pages at risk for all kinds of things, posts, comments, link to other accounts. Geez.