Facebook Mobile Ads Get 23X More Clicks Than On Desktop

Facebook mobile ads have been out since June 2012 and as revealed by ad agency TBG Digital, mobile ads are far outperforming desktop ads in the US. Mobile ads were found to get 23 times more click-throughs than ads on desktop.

Mobile is a virtually untapped market and the third quarter was the first time Facebook offered mobile ads for the entire duration. When it came to click-through rates across the entire ad network, they saw an 81 percent increase overall with a 99 percent increase in the US.

These findings come just one day ahead of Facebook’s official earnings report. TBG based their numbers on 520 billion impressions in 190 countries. Compared to last quarter, click-throughs for mobile ads were just 14 times more than on desktop.

That represents a 900 percent increase in few months’ time. The reason why Facebook mobile ads receive far more click-throughs is simple: Less distractions and clutter. On the desktop, you have many elements that grab your attention.

On mobile, there is just one feed. Factor in 600 million mobile monthly active users and increases become evident.

Facebook is betting their business on mobile which recently included a completely revamped iOS app. With the new Android counterpart coming soon, users will have an even bigger reason to invest more time and hopefully click more ads.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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