Firefox Beta Gets Facebook Messenger Integration

Firefox continues to improve and with the beta version available now for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, users can experience Facebook Messenger built-in. Browsers such as RockMelt have similar integration and Mozilla looks to push this feature into an upcoming stable release.

Messenger appears in the top right next to the favorites box and shows the live ticker, friends available to chat, and includes a quick glance at friend requests, messages, and new notifications. The chat windows look very similar to those on Facebook.

If you want to turn Messenger off and be less distracted, you can hide it. Your productivity and/or boss will thank you.

This integration is part of Mozilla’s plan to make Firefox a far more social browser. The launch of their Social API will allow third parties, like Facebook, to bring their services over to the Internet browser.

Despite this integration being useful to many, the concept of a social browser hasn’t exactly caught on. Flock was discontinued in April of 2011 and in April 2012 revealed that it might be coming back. RockMelt continues to tick along, but has just barely flown under the radar.

To access the Facebook Messenger integration in Firefox, you can download the beta version here. With it being beta, problems are to be expected.



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