Facebook Lets You Use Loopable Video Profile Pics and More

Facebook’s been getting really competitive in the graphics arena lately, it’s bringing a whole load of new things to the user’s experience table. Have you noticed lately how the videos are now auto-play on your mobile dash? Well brace yourself, because according to a blog post from their newsroom, things are about to get more interesting on your profile — and yes, it all starts with your profile pic.

Bored with your profile picture? Want to shake things up? Getting tired of flipping through your selfie folder and not finding the next perfect pic? wished things were a bit more … animated? If you’ve answered “Yes” to all these questions — better get ready and get those directorial muscles going, because Facebook is now introducing the looping video profile pic.


The gif-like profile pic is allowed to run for a loop-able seven seconds. That’s a lot of time to get creatively witty about your profile picture. Vine aficionados may be quite familiar with the potential of a six-second video, so have at it, Viners; it’s high time the rest of us also took a crack at it.

Facebook is also rolling out the temporary profile pic feature that lets you post an image that reverts back to your original or earlier profile pic after a certain period of time. Heading to the beach, touring Europe, or going on a business trip and want everyone to know? This could be the best no-muss-no-fuss method of doing so.

In addition to this, Facebook on mobile not only centers your profile pic, but also provides lots and lots of space for photos and friends you can choose to show first. In Facebook’s words, it’s how you can “put your best foot forward”. It starting to sound a wee bit like MySpace, but hey, we’re willing to give it a shot.

In the meantime, while the Dislike button hasn’t arrived yet, let’s all enjoy, experiment, and explore the possibilities of these new features.

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