Apple IOS 9 Has A Selfie Folder, Conceited Much?

selfie folder
[Photo credit: Mirror UK]

How many selfies do you take a day? Well, thanks to Apple, now you can tell just how vain you really are. Apple fans rushed to download the latest version of the mobile operating system, but they got more than they bargained for. One of the newest features of iOs9 is a selfie folder. Basically, all photos snapped with the front-facing camera is collected in one folder. It was supposed to be all about convienence, instead iPhone owners were shown just how self-absorbed they really are. Because, you know Android owners are the genuine ones. Just look at these Twitter reactions, these are the words of a person who just realized they are totally obsessed with themselves.

There’s an app for that.

What in the world is she taking pictures of?

I don’t even think my phone has that many photos total…

He’s not conceited, he’s just convinced.

Besides the selfie folder, there is also a screenshots folder. Not as exciting, it’s something Android owners have had for years. (Can you tell which side I’m on?)

One of the questions that many are asking is about the safety of their nude selfies. What a world we live in where that has become a legitimate concern. Apple has promised that they have tightened up security since the whole “Fappening” incident, where dozen of celebrities’ nude photos were uploaded all over the Internet.

Seriously though, if you need a folder to organize your selfies, you might have a problem or you might be Kim Kardashian (really, that is a pretty big problem too). There really is a mental condition with selfie addition.

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