#DrivingSelfies On The Rise And Having Deadly Consequences

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The selfie has become a part of our daily lives, but it could begin to harm it. A recent study by the Auto Insurance Center has discovered some scary social media trends.

After monitoring Instagram posts for the past five years, the study discovered the rise of some pretty scary hashtags, like: #ihopeidontcrash, #drivingtowork, #drivinghome, and #drivingtoschool. With an 80 percent increase in these types of selfies, you would have to realize how dangerous this is. Distracted driving kills more than eight people and injures more than a thousand every single day in the United States. With such dangerous practices going on, shouldn’t Instagram ban these types of hashtags?


The study also showed which states are the biggest offenders of this idiotic practice. California, Nevada, Florida and Hawaii round up the top of the list. But, when Instagram has busied itself with banning pictures of nipples or bullying, we have to wonder why people can’t see the danger in taking your eyes off of the road.

According to AAA, snapping a selfie takes your eyes off the road for two seconds — the time it takes your car to travel the length of two basketball courts at 60mph. And that’s just taking on selfie, not to mention taking enough to find the perfect one, then posting it to Instagram, Snapchat and other social media apps.


So, here’s the deal. The world has learned to live with selfies, let’s just keep our eyes on the road and take photos later. Just a friendly reminder from the other people who share the road with you.

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