Diamonds Pierced Into Fingers; New Engagement Ring Trend Is Taking Over Traditional Rings

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There are a million and one ways to propose and show how much you want to marry a significant other. Every day, a new proposal trend is being introduced, thanks to Hollywood movies and social media. However, one engagement trend may have gone too far. It actually ditches the engagement ring itself and has women embedding the stones (usually diamond) into the skin of their fingers.

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It seems a lot of women do not care about the ring at all but the instead prefer the stones on them. Hence why this trend is becoming popular so fast right now. So instead of getting a diamond ring, you get a diamond in your finger! Hell of a way to say yes, but hey, no pain, no gain, right?

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A lot of tattoo and piercing studios have started noticing more and more engaged women wanting the procedure. The method is akin to a microdermal piercing where pieces of jewelry are embedded on flat surfaces of the body. It is also quite a fast and easy operation and appears to be less painful than a regular earring piercing. However, the healing process usually takes a notorious 20 weeks. Here is a video explaining the it:

Something as flashy as that has its drawbacks, of course. Usually, the bacterial infection risk is increased since fingers are used often. Also, imagine your diamond finger piercing getting snagged on your pockets– ouch! It would be best to listen to a physician and consider the risks of following such a trend. Perhaps a regular engagement ring would also be wiser? Stay safe, regardless.

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