Heaven Exists And Is Filled With Cats In A Place Called ‘Cat Heaven’ In Taiwan

Photo by Jim Warren

Don’t let this one get to your heads, cat lovers, dogs are still the number one cutest pet species in the world. Now, with that out of the way, the word ‘cat’ and ‘heaven’ may be redundant for a lot of cat lovers. After all, having a grumpy-looking and snobbish feline ignoring their owner may be nirvana to some. Well, good news for you masochists, you can now be ignored by hundreds of cats in a place called “Cat Heaven.”

Photo by Flickr/Travel

Still, they are not the second cutest pets in the world for no reason. That is why a place called “Cat Heaven” has now become quite the tourist destination in Taiwan. “Cat Heaven,” is also no joke, it attracts at least a million visitors worldwide every year. Now, the real name of the place is actually Houtong and is a town in Taiwan with quite an interesting history.

Photo by Travel Junkie Photography

Houtong was once a coal mining village a few decades ago. It housed about 6,000 miners and their families but most of them were forced to leave when the mines shut down. Since then, the cats have taken over the place and their population has increased to more than 200 in the said town. Now, they are the ones keeping the village alive because of their potential for tourism. Here is a video about them:

Apparently, they are also nice and have never hurt anyone. They might be scheming though and are actually planning to take over the whole island of Taiwan. So if you are ever in Taiwan, make sure to visit these feline overlords— er, cute cats, in their “Cat Heaven.”

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