Internet’s Dead Grumpy Cat Gets Honored In Time For Halloween

grumpy cat
Photo by Instagram/loki_the_sphynx

If there ever was a doubt that cats are up to no good and are plotting world domination, one look at the internet would change your mind. Mark our words, cats already have plans for enslaving the human race, and they are going to do it through the internet. One fine example of this is how Loki, dubbed the internet’s most grumpy cat is back for Halloween and has the internet obsessed with cats again.

Not that one, that one is too happy. You might have heard of him back in Spring of this year, Loki, which is a hairless Sphynx cat can be seen in his usual grumpy state. He made waves back then because he did not like the way you look, the way you talk, and pretty much loathes everything about you and your soul. Here he is, judging you while simultaneously planning to murder your whole family tree:


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Waiting for the beat to drop #saturdayturnup ?

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The problem for feline-kind is, Loki died back in June after a vet’s routine dental cleaning went awry. It was rather unfortunate that one of the most notable cats this year passed away.


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sweet dreams

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However, Loki’s memories of world domination live on not only through lesser cats but with human beings as well.


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a gentle combing

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Of course, his owner (cat slang for human slave) also commemorated him through Loki’s own Instagram account, just in time for Halloween.


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a throwback behind the scenes ???

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Loki will continue to live on in our hearts because of the happiness he has brought to human beings. The fact that he did this with his grumpy face is proof that we have already been enslaved by cats already.

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