Guilty Pleasures: Dark Chocolate And Red Wine Can Prevent Aging, Study Says

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Ever since some of the wealthiest people on Earth have begun seeing their first unfixable wrinkles, people have searched for ways to reverse aging. Some crazy rich Spaniards even went as far as looking for a literal fountain of youth somewhere in America. However, the answer might be closer than we thought, as a recent study has shown that dark chocolate and red wine can prevent aging.


The said research was conducted by Universities of Exeter and Brighton in the UK. Their conclusion was then published in the journal BMC Cell Biology and shows that old human cells can be rejuvenated using certain chemical compounds found aplenty in red wine and dark chocolate. These said chemicals were apparently similar to resveratrol. Well, now you know what to binge on this holiday season!


To further prove the health properties of the compounds found in dark chocolate and red wine, the researchers introduced live human cells into containers that had the compound. Within hours of being placed there, the cells have begun to multiply where the new cells had longer telomeres, these are the caps of chromosomes which shorten as we age. That causes aging and makes us more prone to diseases.


Needless to say, the research was quite a success and proved that red wine and dark chocolate can indeed have a significant effect on health.


The researchers did reiterate that the two substances are not exactly for extending lifespans, but rather, for prolonging good health. That means it is better to start young with the dark chocolate and red wine as it won’t magically make you younger if you are already a pensioner. However, if that’s the case, you can always resort to young human blood to make yourself feel younger…

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