GIFs That You Need For Your Cinco De Mayo Celebration Text Convos

If you're looking for the perfect Cinco de Mayo GIF then we might have you ready to go.

cinco de mayo gif

The GIF is the new meme, and actually it’s a little bit more fun. Facebook messenger actually lets you put GIFs into your messages just by searching through their database and everybody loves sending off a GIF-laden text message. Because really what better to really express a feeling of failing than with a video of a baby faceplanting.

Cinco de Mayo is actually not Mexican Independence Day, today is a celebration of the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over French forces during a battle during 1862. Mexico’s Independence Day is really on September 16th. But for Americans, Cinco de Mayo is really about drinking tequila and dancing to “la cucaracha”. It’s kind of insensitive but this is America where cultural appropriation is so common we barely notice anymore.

Because why in the hell wouldn’t you need a GIF of Walt Disney in a sombrero?!

The Three Amigos has got to be on your Cinco de Mayo movie list.

A picture of a Chihuahua drinking a margarita is the perfect way to get your party started.

This is probably one that you’re going to need tomorrow when you show up for work and you look like a zombie.

I don’t know if you’re going to be serious about this to need a pinata, but if you are, more power to you.

Here’s one for those of you that aren’t feeling the party.

Cinco de Mayo has a little bit of something for everybody, there’s tequila, fun music, and hopefully a little bit of education about another culture. So let’s work hard today and maybe tonight go to your favorite taverna and take advantage of those deals that they’re having, or stay in and watch The Three Amigos (which I just realized is a movie where the Mexican is the bad guy and the white guys have to save the other Mexicans), so maybe not that. And now you have the perfect Cinco de Mayo GIF for your day out.

Featured Image: [Flickr/Paul Stein]

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