One of Mexico’s Deadliest Cartels Declares War on ISIS

A war is brewing between ISIS and one of Mexico’s deadliest criminal organizations–the Sinaloa Cartel. Sinaloa kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman, considered by many to be the most powerful criminal in the world, took ISIS to task for attacking one of Sinaloa’s shipments.

And one doesn’t get to be the world’s most feared drug traffickers by mincing words. In a leaked email to ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, Guzman called members of the radical Islamist terror group “lowly p*ssies,” as well as threatened the next “son of a whore” who impedes on Sinaloa’s operations.

The released portions of the email read:

“You [ISIS] are not soldiers. You are nothing but lowly p*ssies. Your god cannot save you from the true terror that my men will levy at you if you continue to impact my operation.

“My men will destroy you. The world is not yours to dictate. I pity the next son of a wh*re that tries to interfere with the business of the Sinaloa Cartel. I will have their heart and tongue torn from them.

“It looks like it’s on. It would be ironic that the group who ends up taking out ISIS is El Chapo’s drug cartel! They seem up to the task and it could be worth giving immunity to this guy in exchange for him and his boys taking out ISIS once and for all!”

Chapo might have a point. Surely wiping out ISIS/ISIL would absolve him of all previous crimes. And if the U.S. immediately ends the war on drugs afterward, Chapo can go straight–effectively eliminating TWO dangerous criminal organizations at the same time. Two birds, one stone.

Yeah, I know it’ll never happen.

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