Chinese Woman Can Turn Into Any Beautiful Girl With Her Makeup Skills

Photo by The Indian Express

The makeup industry is not a multi-billion dollar venture for no reason. It can even turn 21-year-old girls into allegedly self-made billionaires. Now for most women, however, turning into a billionaire can be harder. Still, at least they can turn into someone else, which is a subjectively more beautiful version of themselves.

Photo by Information Nigeria

There are even cases where they become unrecognizable after the makeup. Take for example a Chinese girl named Qi Hua Hua– not sure if it is a joke of a moniker but it is her alleged name. Anyway, Qi’s skill with the brush puts Hollywood to shame as she can paint another person’s face on hers, like a canvas. You need to see it to believe it, here’s the video:

In a few minutes, possibly hours since it was fast-forwarded, Qi turned from plain Jane to a K-pop star. Now, some people are crying fake in disbelief and denial, but a lot of experts (girls) weighed in to confirm that what Qi did was indeed possible. Possible, however, not practical for sure, since Qi apparently used tape for her jaw, among other tools besides makeup like contact lenses, etc.

For regular front-facing photoshoots, it can be perfect. Apart from Qi, several other Chinese women have also revealed their secrets and techniques which would make a lot of guys scratch their heads and most people with mouths wide open. Regardless, a lot of people are in awe at how someone could practically turn into another person (or another gender) with just makeup and a few household tools.

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