Makeup Artist Wows With Snack-Inspired Looks


Makeup has never looked fiercer, nor more scrumptious.

Makeup artist Tim O. loves him some snacks, and he certainly can relish a big bag of chips all the while looking fabulous. His creative genius has spurred him to create inventive looks based on the color palettes of the featured snack packaging du jour.

First treat on the list: Pop-tarts! Can we just say we think this eyeshadow is the sweetest? It’s practically giving us a sugar rush!

The pop of color from the orange cheese on this tasty bag of Ruffles is just mind-blowing.

Scintillatingly spicy eyes! This makeup look is hot, hot, hot!

Hotter than a Taki, indeed! It’s amazing how even such a cool color such as purple can look so warm. The yellow highlights just slay us so good.

Tim even shares his methods through his videos. Frankly, we’re still in awe, and we can’t stop watching them.

To date, Tim has tried his hand at using the palette of a Bud Light beer. He says it’s pretty cheap, but we’re wowed by how classy that pout looks. It shimmers just like 24-karat diamonds on blue velvet!

He hasn’t quite gotten his hands on Mcdonald’s yet, but we don’t care. We’re lovin’ it.

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