Check Out These Creepy Items You Can Buy On Instagram

Instagram creepy products
[Photo credit: Inselly]

It doesn’t come as much surprise that you can buy pretty much anything on the Internet. With the popularity of social media, it has became extremely easy to find pretty much anything your heart desires. Instagram is one of the latest tools to be used by people looking to sell their wares with Inselly, a marketplace tool made specifically for Instagram. Seriously, anything. Even stuff we don’t think anyone would want to buy.

Like, handcrafted bear molar earrings. Nothing says fierce like wearing a wild animal’s teeth as jewelry.

Maybe you are looking for something that really shows your odd side. @DeadThingsInJars has you covered with an assortment of preserved animals and bones.

Perhaps you are looking for something less gross and more creepy. How about this custom charcoal portrait by artist, Andre Pike.

Not creepy enough for you. Are you looking to induce nightmares? Then you need this demon doll.

None of these oddities meet your creepy fancy? Don’t worry, there are plenty more from where these came from. You can find your own creepy buys with just a simple Instagram search. Most of these products use #oddities, #creepy and #weird.

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